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What's New

Laryngology is one of the most rapidly growing and dynamic of all areas of medicine. As an academic physician, Dr. Grillone is always discovering newer, safer, and more effective ways to achieve the best results for patients with voice and swallowing problems.

Here are some of the newest services available from Dr. Grillone

Photoangiolytic Laser Therapy

A variety of laryngeal lesions including papillomas (warts), vascular lesions, and selected early cancers and precancerous lesions can now be treated using special lasers (PDL and KTP) that target the small blood vessels that supply these lesions. Because these lasers can be delivered through flexible fibers, these treatments may be applied through flexible scopes in the office using just topical anesthetic. This avoids the need for general anesthesia in the operating room. Dr. Grillone is one of only a handful of laryngologists in the country who now offers these treatments.

Transanasal Esophagoscopy (TNE)

The evaluation of swallowing disorders often requires careful evaluation of the entire swallowing passage which includes the esophagus. Recently, transnasal esophagoscopy, or TNE, was introduced as a new technique for examining the esophagus. Transnasal esophagoscopy uses a flexible scope that is narrower than conventional esophagoscopes. This allows the procedure to be performed in the office setting using only topical anesthesia and avoids the need for intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.