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Vocal Cord Paralysis 

Paralysis of the vocal cords can be a disastrous problem, especially among professional voice users. Normally, when the voice is activated, both vocal cords meet in the middle in order to vibrate and make sounds; however, when one is paralyzed, this isn’t possible and the result is a markedly breathy or whispery voice. 

There are several options for treating paralysis of a vocal cord. Thyroplasty is a procedure in which the paralyzed vocal cord is moved toward the functioning vocal cord by inserting a synthetic material through a rectangular hole in the laryngeal cartilages. Another way to treat vocal cord paralysis is by injection laryngoplasty. With this technique, the paralyzed vocal cord is injected with material so that it moves closer to the middle. The working vocal cord will move in to meet the paralyzed one, effectively fixing the problem. Dr Grillone offers both thyroplasty and injection laryngoplasty for the treatment of vocal cord paralysis. In certain cases, injection laryngoplasty can be an outpatient procedure.