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Spasmodic Dysphonia 

Spasmodic dysphonia, or laryngeal dystonia, is a rare neurological problem that causes uncontrollable spasms in the vocal cords. It is estimated that 30,000 Americans are affected by this disorder. People afflicted with the adductor type of spasmodic dysphonia experience a strained or strangled quality to their voice. When the problem is severe, people often have unintelligible speech. They frequently have difficulty holding down a job and often become social introverts. In the abductor type of spasmodic dysphonia, patients have a breathy or whispery voice but the lack of intelligibility can be just as devastating. 

For the past 20 years, the gold standard for treatment of spasmodic dysphonia has been botulinum toxin injection. This specialized treatment weakens the appropriate vocal cord muscles, effectively treating the spasmodic voice for 3-4 months. With regular injections, people with spasmodic dysphonia can lead more normal and productive lives. Dr Grillone has been performing botulinum toxin injections for over 15 years and holds a weekly spasmodic dysphonia clinic where he offers these injections to affected patients.